Investing in Arts Education
Actor Jordan Fisher on Persevering, His Love of Broadway, and the Importance of Finding Your Why
Theater, film, and television actor Jordan Fisher discovered the arts when he was in the fifth grade, after a girl he liked at school asked him to join the drama club. “I fell in love with art. I fell in love with acting and music and dance,” says Fisher, who had acted in some church … Continued
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Gaming in America
Professional Gamer “AnneMunition” on the Power of Positivity for Encouraging Inclusivity
Anne Munition grew up with a love of playing games on her and her siblings’ Nintendo 64 and Xbox, but she never guessed this passion would one day enable her to have a career streaming in front of people from all across the world.
Empowering Our Nurses
Actor Kim Raver Says Playing a Doctor Gives Her Greater Appreciation for Frontline Workers
The ”Grey’s Anatomy” actor is using time away from set to leverage her social media to check in with fans, and raise money for healthcare workers.