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Education and Tech Go Hand in Hand


Alfonso Mendoza, host of the My EdTech Life podcast, explains that while shiny new tech platforms are all the rage, sometimes keeping it simple is best.

Alfonso Mendoza Jr., M.Ed.

Host, My EdTech Life; Instructional Software Specialist, Sharyland SID

Can you tell me about your background in education and technology?

My name is Alfonso Mendoza Jr., and I was born in the Deep South of Texas, right along the border of Mexico. I graduated from high school in 1989 and went to university not wanting to be a teacher, or even get into education.

My first love was business, and that’s where I intended to make my fortune. Unfortunately, my dad got sick and needed some help. I had to make a decision to find a more flexible job, and ended up applying for jobs as a math teacher.

Through my job, I was able to get comfortable enough to take risks with integrating technology and build a sense of community. I was comfortable saying, “I’m not the subject matter expert here, but I’m okay with not knowing everything.”

Having that vulnerability and working with my students with a mindset of, “Okay, I’m just going to teach you what I know,” is what helped me grow.

What is something in the EdTech space that you wish more educators and parents prioritize?

The best advice I can give to parents, educators, and districts is: keep it simple. There is so much technology out there and a lot of tech seems to be doing a lot of the same things.

What we did in our district was adopt four major platforms. While we stuck to those core four platforms, we did encourage innovative teachers to search for and use other tools.

We wanted to use technology that we can get the most return on investment from for lesson delivery and ease of use for all users. So, if you keep it simple, and adapt as needed, it helps weed some of those platforms out that may offer the exact same

I tell educators all the time, treat your platforms like an instrument. After a little while you’re going to be playing some wonderful melodies, if you stick to it.

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