Investing in Arts Education
Actor Jordan Fisher on Persevering, His Love of Broadway, and the Importance of Finding Your Why
Theater, film, and television actor Jordan Fisher discovered the arts when he was in the fifth grade, after a girl he liked at school asked him to join the drama club. “I fell in love with art. I fell in love with acting and music and dance,” says Fisher, who had acted in some church … Continued
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Investing in Arts Education
An Educator’s Passion for Lifetime Learning
Ximena Varela, president of the Association of Arts Administrator Educators, shares her hopes for future educators and the arts administration industry. Did you always have a passion for the arts? When did you consider the arts as a career path, and what inspired you to pursue arts management? I grew up in exile from the … Continued
Investing in Arts Education
Breaking the Creative Sound Barrier with Oscar-Winner Phillip Bladh
Phillip Bladh won his first Academy Award for Best Sound as the production mixer on Darius Marder’s film “Sound of Metal“. Bladh did this by turning the very technical job of production mixing into a creative one. “Sound of Metal” takes the viewer along professional drummer Ruben’s devastating journey as he begins to go deaf. Throughout the film, … Continued