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Investing in Arts Education

Music Education Finds a Way

arts education-music education-music-wellness-educators
arts education-music education-music-wellness-educators

It is imperative that all children have the opportunity to unlock their musical pathways to self-discovery and understanding through a robust music education learned in school.

Scott R. Sheehan

President, National Association for Music Education

The future of music education is bright but not without challenge. The pandemic highlighted inequities in resources and funding among schools, especially in historically marginalized communities. Although these issues can seem overwhelming, communities are increasingly calling for equitable opportunities for students, and access to music education must be a key component of this equation.

Equitable opportunities in music education begin with teachers. Now more than ever there is a great need to recruit new music teachers into the profession. It is critical that the music education profession builds a diverse workforce that is representative of students throughout the United States and the world.

With many schools placing newfound emphasis on student wellness, music educators can help students understand their own feelings and interactions with others through music. Similarly, music educators have the capacity to create belonging and connection in ways that are unique to music learning.

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