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Nurses need job flexibility and healthcare facilities need to fill shifts. Now, an app is meeting the needs of both, which is a win-win for everyone involved, including patients.

IntelyCare, a workforce management app that matches nurses with facilities, is a modern solution to a long standing healthcare staffing problem. Nurses feel burned out, especially after working long hours and in difficult times during the pandemic. And many are now leaving the profession in droves. Meanwhile, healthcare facilities are always in need of qualified nurses and nursing assistants to staff shifts.

The IntelyCare platform — which gets its name from the idea of intelligent care delivery — uses artificial intelligence and behavioral science with machine learning algorithms to produce optimum pay rates and shift matching for nurses.

The company started in 2016, releasing their first mobile app, which enabled nursing professionals to select shift work at facility partners. Within a year later, 100 facilities had signed up. By 2019, they had filled 2 million nursing shifts. Fast forward to 2022 and they have filled over 15 million nursing shift hours and are partnering with 1600 facilities in 28 states.

Staffing solution

During the pandemic, there’s been an increased need for nurses who can travel and work different shifts at different facilities. But getting credentialed can be tedious and takes time. Enter IntelyCare.

“We have to make it easier for nurses to be able to work cross functionally among systems,” says Rebecca Love, RN, MSN, FIEL, chief clinical officer of IntelyCare. “Credentialing is highly painful.

“The average length of time to credential a nurse into a system is 90 days. The average system never could do that. But when you come and work with IntelyCare, we created a credentialing process that is the gold standard across the industry, which allows our nurses and CNAs to be able to work across thousands of different facilities to easily go and meet those needs.”

You are in control of your schedule in a way that nurses have never had before.

Rosa Nunez, Registered Nurse

Perfect job

There are 4.3 million registered nurses in America. Rosa Nunez is one of those nurses. For the past two years, she’s been working full-time with IntelyCare, filling shifts in skilled nursing and long-term care facilities.

A single mother of two teenagers, Nunez is also caring for her mother who has Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a busy life but she loves the flexibility her work schedule offers.

“This job has just been the perfect job for me,” she says. “I could switch times depending on my plan for the week or the day. For instance, if my mom has an appointment with a doctor for the morning, I could always pick up a shift in the afternoon. I don’t need to request a day off whereas if I was working as a staff nurse in a facility, I’d have to ask permission in advance to arrive late or leave early.”

Love agrees and says the app empowers nurses, who routinely get called in on their days off, to make their own schedule.

“It’s flipping the power,” she says. “You are in control of your schedule in a way that nurses have never had before.”

Nunez prefers to plan her schedule by picking up shifts a week or two in advance. However, she also likes to know that if she needs to book a shift at the last minute, she can with IntelyCare. She’s been impressed with the pay too, noting it far exceeds what she would get if she worked on staff. Nunez feels appreciated in this role and looks forward to continuing working with the company.

“What I like about IntelyCare is that every time I go to a different facility, it’s always new faces, new patients, new health conditions, or new treatments that maybe I haven’t done before, and I’m like, ‘wow, this is a big opportunity for me to learn here,’” she says.

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