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The Women in Technology Hall of Fame Celebrates Its Inductees

Carolyn Leighton

Founder, Women in Technology International

When Women in Technology International (WITI) researched inductees for the Hall of Fame, we discovered a group of women called ENIAC programmers, the world’s first programmers.

We learned that the reason no one knew about them was because whenever the media would visit, the company would send men out to talk to the press, while these women remained hidden in a room. No one knew what these women were doing, and most people assumed they were secretaries.


In 1997, WITI proudly inducted those who were still living into to the Hall of Fame – by then, they were in their 80s and had remained anonymous until our research team discovered them. There was not a dry eye in the room. It meant so much to each of these women to finally be recognized. Seeing these women who thought they were forgotten and their work unappreciated represented the exact reason we wanted to launch the Women in Technology Hall of Fame.

Role models

2020 will be the 26th year of WITI’s Hall of Fame. We are grateful to the more than 125 women who have been inducted into the Women in Technology Hall of Fame and will be celebrating each of them and those to follow. WITI understands that so much work needs to be done and is passionately committed to achieve gender equity in the workplace. Each woman inducted into the Hall of Fame stands as a role model to educate society about the amazing contributions women have and continue to make to science and technology and will continue to stand as a source of inspiration for the younger generations.

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