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Set Learning Free This Summer With Outschool

live online classes-online classes-stem-outschool
live online classes-online classes-stem-outschool

Let your kids go wild with wonder this summer! With over 140,000 live online classes and camps, Outschool provides a super fun and flexible learning experience where kids can explore topics they love and connect with teachers and kids who share their passions.

We know that kids who love to learn don’t just prepare for the future — they create it. From the start, Outschool created a platform for kids to become more creative, adaptable, empowered, and inspired. Outschool is dedicated to helping them get there.

School doesn’t have to be about memorizing a list of state capitals or getting bogged down in math equations that are never put to use. Outschool promotes curiosity and a sense of wonder. We connect kids with empathetic and kind teachers who become mentors and diverse peers who share their passion. We empower kids with an endless possibility of fun, unique, and flexible classes. At Outschool, kids are seen, heard, and encouraged. We make sure they have the space to ask questions, the room to share their ideas, and the confidence to explore their creativity.

We offer a world beyond the classroom for kids and teens.

This article has been paid for by Outschool.

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