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How Women in Technology Can Elevate Their Careers With a Mentor

Have you taken all the classes you can take but still feel stuck in your career? Or are you just not sure of the next step you should take? We all hit career low points, but knowing how to get out of them is what takes us to the next level. If you feel stuck in your career or would just like to elevate the work you are already doing, then it is time to get a mentor. 

Benefits of mentorship

With a mentor, you have the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of others, learn from their experiences, and gain their wisdom. Mentors also provide accountability to your career goals and aspirations, and give you a chance to be heard.

A good mentor first and foremost listens. Having the opportunity to vocalize your issues and aspirations and ask for feedback provides clarity and accountability to the vision you have set for yourself. After listening, a mentor can share their perspectives and wisdom to provide guidance. By having regular check-ins set up with your mentor, you can receive the guidance and accountability you need to get out of those career ruts and elevate your game.


In addition, having a mentor helps expand your network. By building a relationship with your mentor, you are connected to another node in a network. It is often said that we are only six degrees of separation from every person in the world, so by connecting to another person of influence, it creates a great opportunity to meet your next client, job opportunity, or even mentor. 

Having a mentor can benefit your career, but being a mentor can add additional benefits. By teaching, we learn. You may not know how much you know or don’t know until you mentor. If every woman in tech mentored another woman, the impact would be exponential, and it would only be a matter of time before the struggle of getting women into tech is diminished. 

Getting started

So where do you find a mentor? Start with your own network or company. For the mentorship to really work, it’s important to have a relationship or connection with the person you are requesting to be your mentor. If you are struggling to find someone in your network, then it may be time to expand your network. Women in Data has a network of over 7,000 individuals and hosts quarterly events across the United States and internationally. Take action today and change the state of women in tech by finding your next mentor and becoming a mentor today. Your career will thank you later.

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