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3 Ways Women Can Break Barriers in STEM Fields

Women in technology have always shown extraordinary tenacity throughout their fight to earn equality, in the hopes that upcoming generations of women might have a brighter future.

One important tool women have in the fight for gender equality is networking. Women can trade ideas, discover new opportunities, help others, make new friends and feel included. Networking with other women, in the same field and different, has a major impact — there is power in numbers.

Here are three other ways women can fight against inequality and break down barriers in STEM fields:

1. Speaking Up:

For many years, women were viewed as less capable for certain tasks than men. Today, many women have had the courage to use their voices to make a difference. They voiced a need for the placement of women in traditionally male-held positions, respect during meetings, leadership roles in project coordination and pay raises. Research shows that companies who hire women at all levels are more profitable.

2. Using Resources:

Some resources are available just for women; you just need to find them. For example, many women have found help through programs specifically for women entrepreneurs. They provide training for women interested in becoming investors, allocate funds for female-founded technology companies and host fellowship programs that provide mentorship.

3. Continuing to Learn:

Many women have the opportunity to grow as individuals and employees by attending seminars, conferences, and classes. By doing so, they find more confidence in their expertise. 
Organizations like Women in Technology International (WITI) bring women together through WITI networks throughout the world. The leading global organization for women in technology, their annual Women in Technology International Summit and industry events, where attendees have the opportunity to expand their network, share best practices, and learn about hot topics in technology, STEM, business, and leadership, encourage women to continue to learn.

No matter the length of the journey, women are more powerful than ever. They only need to stay steadfast to reach their goal. As the next generation of women in STEM rises up, new boundaries will be tested. Each milestone marks a celebration and should empower women to keep moving forward, continuing to make history.

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