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Five Women Who Are Changing Market Research for the Better

You don’t have to don a lab coat to discover new things. Women are following their passions and curiosities through market research.

The desire to uncover new insights drives many women to choose careers in science and related fields. The same motivators lead others to an industry that is in a constant state of discovery: market research. With the very latest technology, such as artificial intelligence, this space is expanding with new career paths that fascinate even the most avid explorers among us. 

Market research is a STEM field for women with avenues for uncovering insights and exploring. The following five women have found their niche in market-driven research.

1. Joanna Abrams

Abrams took her 20 years of experience in launching new businesses, brand management, strategy and consumer product research to found a global research firm that reflects the values that are important to her. Her company, MindClick Global, helps global brands ensure that their suppliers and products are environmentally sound.

2. Laura Chaibi

Based in Dubai, Chaibi has devoted her career to understanding and studying changing behaviors due to technology. Specializing in digital media measurement, she has conducted ground-breaking and award-winning research for companies like Yahoo!, Orange and BBC, and she’s currently at MBC, the largest broadcaster in the Middle East.

3. Christina Jenkins

Jenkins is part of the brainpower behind platforms you probably interact with everyday. After delving into data behind the scenes as a researcher at LinkedIn, she now takes her knowledge of market research insights and data and translates them to global business marketing at Twitter.

4. Kristin Luck

Luck’s background spans the gamut of the market research industry — from conducting research to driving the technology that makes it possible. Her experience in founding, growing and positioning businesses for acquisition led her to found her own management consulting firm, Luck Collective, which focuses on data-driven growth strategies for her clients.

5. Kristi Zuhlke

Zuhlke, once a researcher at Procter & Gamble, the company that brings us household names like Dawn, Pampers and Charmin, is building the largest database of consumer survey data in the world as CEO and co-founder at KnowledgeHound.

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