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10 In-Demand Jobs That Require STEM

Here’s a short list of the top job openings requiring STEM expertise:

1. Journalist

There’s a need for journalists who can write content for companies in the STEM field. Being able to create editorial about science, data, or technology make companies like Apple a realistic employer for writers and editors.

2. Industrial Designer

The need for industrial designers who specialize in precision instruments and medical equipment is expected to keep growing. Those who understand the engineering and technology behind sustainable resources—and how to work with them—will also continue to be in demand.

3. Nurse

With more people obtaining health insurance comes more medical appointments. As a result, the need for nurses (over 296,000 jobs posted monthly) rises—especially for those who understand and know how to use current medical technology. Additionally, as we see an increase in patients in long-term care and rehabilitation facilities, the demand for nurses (whose science degrees serve them) persists.

4. Architect

With schools and universities building new facilities, as well as the amount of retail and health care spaces increasing, architects are in demand.

More specifically, those with experience in sustainable design are needed as rising energy costs are leading establishments to move toward green solutions and environmentally-minded construction. This job actually requires knowledge in all four STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering and math.

5. Supply Chain Manager

Every business, no matter the size, needs supply chain managers. Today, the demand is high for those with knowledge in math or analytics, engineering, robotics and technology. A logistics degree will give you a leg up since the job involves everything from planning and monitoring production to shipments, transportation and distribution of products.

6. Film/Video Editor

With an increase in the use of special effects, and producing content for different outlets, like mobile and online streaming, opportunities for film and video editors who are proficient in up-to-date technology are expanding.

7. Software Developer

From new applications for our various devices to online security for businesses, the job market requires more software developers with experience in advancing technology. With over 114,000 jobs posted monthly, those in the highest demand know the current programming tools and more than one programming language.

8. Graphic Designer

As more and more companies enter the digital space, graphic designers with expertise in web design technology are needed to create sites that draw consumers in and define the brand in a visual way.

9. Personal Finance Advisor

As baby boomers reach retirement, personal finance advisors are called upon for guidance. These advisors (math whizzes) are also in demand because more people are setting up their own retirement plans, as pension plans become increasingly less common. We’ll see the need for financial analysts as well with more investment opportunities arising globally, making portfolios more complicated.

10. Marketing Manager

The ongoing need for marketing managers (over 91,000 jobs posted monthly) and market research analysts is not surprising, as companies study consumer behavior using advanced technology and try to market themselves to target audiences.

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