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Jeremy Ray Taylor Is Bringing “Good Days” to School

Jeremy Ray Taylor is an actor known for his roles in Stephen King’s “It” horror films, Nickelodeon’s upcoming reboot “Are You Afraid of the Dark,” and “Goosebumps 2.”  He’s also a teen ambassador for school safety nonprofit, Safe and Sound Schools, and the founder of “SPARK,” a youth-focused movement to encourage Small Personal Acts of Real Kindness.

What is your biggest passion when it comes to school safety?

Bullying has been my biggest focus when it comes to school safety.  Most of the characters I’ve played in movies and TV have been bullied, and I think that hits home with so many people. Followers share so many stories about their own experiences with bullying, and they’re sometimes really young kids.  That’s why I’m passionate about school safety. Students should be able to go to school, make friends, have a positive day, and learn something new. It should be a safe place where they want to be.

How do you think a student can make a difference?

Making a difference can seem like such a huge task, but the truth is that each of us can do little things that can make a big difference together. It can all be overwhelming, but if we all start by being a bit kinder and looking out for others, we can do it. I call the movement SPARK, which stands for Small Personal Acts of Real Kindness. I believe that small gestures can make someone’s day brighter and better, and ultimately change our world. 

How do you choose to make a difference every day?

Making a difference can be as simple as greeting someone with a warm “Hello,” or noticing a friend who’s sitting alone at lunch and starting a conversation with them. I hope that the roles that I take on as an actor, plus my work with Safe and Sound Schools, can help inspire young people to think about school safety, and empower them to make their on-campus community more inclusive.

How are you hoping to inspire students to make a difference? Tell us about Safe and Sound Schools, and the “Good Days” tour!

Earlier this year, I became a team ambassador for Safe and Sound Schools. The nonprofit is doing so much for school communities in terms of safety across the country, but I wanted to work with them to give more of a voice to the people who are most affected — students! 

The band Chasing da Vinci and I wrote and released an original song, “Good Days,” dedicated to the nonprofit. We thought it would be cool to take the message of the song to the next level by touring the United States. This school year, we’re visiting young people in schools and spreading the song’s positive message about school community. Sadly, we can’t make it to every school or state, so we’re holding a contest to choose three lucky schools to become tour stops. There will be live music, workshops, inspirational speeches, and lots of good vibes! I personally can’t wait to get to know the students, and brainstorm with them about ways we can make our schools safer.

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