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Here’s How UVC Kills COVID-19 and Meets CDC Guidelines

Safeology makes UVC products that inactivate 99.9 percent of SARS-CoV-2, virtually eliminating the deadly virus.

“We need to get our kids back in school.” From administrators, principals, and teachers to students, parents, and even employers, this has become our national battle cry as we wage war against COVID-19. In a collective effort spanning Seattle to Miami, Los Angeles to New York, we’re coming together to wash our hands, wear our masks, and keep six feet apart. But will it be enough?

Recent guidelines from the CDC laid out numerous steps our nation’s schools should take to safely reopen and return to in-person learning. Among them is using UVC light (also known as ultraviolet germicidal radiation) to kill SARS-CoV-2 quickly and safely, the virus that causes COVID-19.

How UVC helps

Let’s take it back to 9th grade science class for a moment. While UVC technically doesn’t kill a virus, it does penetrate the virus’s cell wall to permanently damage its DNA or RNA. Once damaged, the virus can’t replicate. So, for all intents and purposes, it’s as if the virus is dead.

UVC disinfection has been used for decades to kill, or eliminate, deadly pathogens in hospitals. And now schools are turning to this same technology to eliminate COVID-19. Two of the most popular products in use are UVC Upper Room Fixtures and UVC Mobile Air Purifiers.

UVC Upper Room Fixtures are relatively inexpensive, quick, and easy to install. They provide safe, continual air disinfection while people are present. And they eliminate 99.9 percent of airborne pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2.

UVC Mobile Air Purifiers offer the same virus-killing UVC technology, but also incorporate carbon and HEPA filters that trap viruses and remove dust, pollen, and other irritants from the air, making them ideal to combat not only COVID-19, but allergies, colds, and asthma.

As our knowledge of COVID-19 continues to grow, scientists now say airborne transmission is our biggest threat. Using Upper Room Fixtures and Mobile Air Purifiers, schools can quickly harness the proven power of UVC technology to virtually eliminate that threat.

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