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Study Music in Your Own Rhythm with Berklee Online

Whether you are a music professional or an aspiring musician, online study options offer the chance to build your skills and portfolio.

Berklee Online is the world’s largest online music school, serving more than 11,000 students per year with its paid offerings, as well as millions of additional students who learn with free massive open online courses.

“Our mission is to expand the reach of Berklee and provide affordable music education opportunities to aspiring musicians all over the world,” says Debbie Cavalier, CEO of Berklee Online.

Diverse options

Courses run the gamut from composition for classical orchestras to the latest cutting-edge music production software, so finding the program that’s the right fit for any student is easy. Whether it’s learning how to DJ or how to compose for film, television and games, it’s all available here. Berklee Online focuses on “project-based learning,” which means that during each 12-week term, students are creating professional-quality projects that become part of their professional portfolio.

Berklee Online lets students study in their own rhythm from anywhere in the world. Because the courses are all online, students have access to the course material 24/7, and can reach out to their classmates and instructor anytime.

“There is a tremendous amount of communication and collaboration that happens in our online courses every day,” says Cavalier.

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