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Improving Healthcare by Building Better Leaders

David Bartholomew

Senior Vice President of Learning, American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE)

The healthcare industry is changing at an unprecedented pace. Care is shifting from inpatient to outpatient settings, advances in technology are changing how and where care is delivered, and we are seeing new entrants like CVS, Walgreens, and other disruptors compete with traditional providers on convenience and cost. 

To navigate this change, the healthcare management field needs strong leaders at all levels and in a variety of healthcare settings.

Diverging paths

Career paths are also changing, and ACHE is seeing new opportunities in healthcare management for clinical and nonclinical leaders, as well as for executives with nontraditional backgrounds. 

As the healthcare environment continues to transform, traditional roles will change and new roles will emerge. It is imperative that leaders adapt and develop new competencies to be successful. Skillsets like data analytics, population health management, and informatics will increasingly be in demand.

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While healthcare is a growing field, it will remain competitive. I encourage leaders to identify a professional home where they can network and share best practices, while continuing to develop and hone their skills in order to discern current trends and master required innovation. With a membership of over 48,000 healthcare leaders across the country and 78 local chapters, ACHE can help healthcare executives do both.

A community of professionals

ACHE offers networking and mentoring opportunities for healthcare leaders to interact with and learn from one another. It also provides strategic partnerships to help increase the ranks and pipeline of diverse healthcare leaders, and advance health through the delivery of safe, high-quality care.

Because the healthcare landscape is ever-changing, healthcare leaders must embrace innovation and become lifelong learners. ACHE’s Career Resource Center offers numerous tools and resources to assess current competencies, as well as tools like ACHE CareerEDGE®, which engages members in comprehensive, interactive career planning.

Beyond providing direct patient care, careers in healthcare management offer the opportunity to care for communities and improve health. A positive patient experience depends not only on the quality of care delivered by one caregiver or a single setting, but rather individuals and organizations throughout the healthcare system working together.

Become a transformational leader, explore a career in healthcare management, and consider ACHE as your professional home.

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