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Engineering Goes Digital: Three Benefits of the Virtual Classroom

You may not know is that the concept of distance learning for graduate studies in engineering is not a new trend. At Purdue, engineers have been able to access quality advanced degrees through distance study for decades — starting in the 1960s.

Further strides

In the last three years, further advancements have been made as online engineering programs have been scored with rankings like U.S. News and World Report. These rankings yield useful and relevant data points that students can use to determine the best program for their educational dollars.

What are the benefits are to earning your Master’s of engineering in a virtual classroom?

  • Flexibility for course access and plans of study. Engineers have unique learning goals, which can be as individual as the specific projects they are completing in their professional roles daily.
  • A career without interruption. Engineers can apply their studies in real time, focusing their efforts both professionally and academically. The online format allows an individual to continue earning income unlike its on-campus peer.
  • More control of your time. Engineers studying online have options of when they study and can accelerate or pause their studies as desired based their goals and schedule.

The decision to return to graduate school is a big one. The choice to do so while working full-time is an even more daunting. The ability to learn from any location at any time is increasingly enticing to students who want to learn on their own time and enter a graduate program without sacrificing their career. Earning your Master’s in engineering online has many benefits.

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