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Distance Learning: Soon to Become a Standard in Education

In effect, distance education will serve as a platform by which members of the compact will be engaged in sustained learning environments.

Some current trends will become accepted practices in the future as part of the compact:

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) will become advanced organizers of huge amounts of information in anticipation of individual student needs, an attribute not available in most traditional classrooms. As a result students will manage more information much more efficiently. Student profiles, including learning styles and subject matter interests, will be matched with thousands of bits of new knowledge for on demand delivery.
  • Using social networking models, virtual world wide teams with hundreds of students will engage in simulations depicting real work related experiences. They will be guided by teams of expert instructors.
  • The programs of study leading to degrees or certificates will be developed by experts in the fields of study along with students and prospective employers, all of whom are focused on an agreed set of outcomes designed to measure proficiency well into the future careers of the students.
  • Through distance education, students, employers, and college personnel will engage in the development of flexible job related skills by which employees invent and reinvent products and processes. Why will distance education be the vanguard for the future? Because employers want workers who are skilled at processing lots of new information quickly and reliably while adapting to ever changing work environments. Distance education by its very nature inspires, in fact, demands these attributes.
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