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How Reading Inspired “Dance Moms” Star Chloe Lukasiak to Write Her Own Book

Photo: Courtesy of Paul Smith

“Dance Moms” star Chloe Lukasiak says reading helped her escape when times got tough and inspired her to write a book of her own.

Lukasiak is only 18 years old but she’s already achieved a lifetime goal of becoming a published author. Now, she’s encouraging aspiring young writers to make reading a top priority. 

Lukasiak’s book, “Girl on Pointe: Chloe’s Guide to Taking on the World,” takes readers behind the scenes of her life as a young star, spanning her time on “Dance Moms,” which she first appeared on when she was 9, as well as her transition into life after the show. 

Friend or foe?

“Dance Moms” showcased the alliances and rivalries between young dancers’ moms but became most famous for Abby Lee Miller, who owned and operated the elite dance studio where the girls trained and competed. Miller was known for her harsh criticism and take-it-or-leave-it attitude, as well as for pitting her star dancers against one another. 

Getting bullied on the show was difficult for Lukasiak, but she says reading offered an escape from the times when life got nasty.

“Reading is everything to me. It’s helped me time and time again, serving as an escape from tough situations,” she said. “Not to say that you shouldn’t face your problems head-on, as I certainly believe in that.” 

As for what genre of book Lukasiak enjoys when she’s not writing first-person non-fiction, she said she’s got a soft spot for fantasy and adventure novels. 

“When I was in fourth grade, I was introduced to a series called “The Sisters Grimm” and I quickly fell in love with the fantasy genre,” Lukasiak said. “That propelled my love of long series filled with action and mythical creatures.”

A lifelong dream

Lukasiak says writing a book of her own was one of her “ultimate goals,” and the fact she was able to accomplish it so early is “beyond my wildest dreams.” That’s not to say she didn’t experience self-doubt, however. 

“I let fear stop me from putting words to paper because I’m afraid it won’t live up to my expectations,” she said. 

For any other would be writers struggling to find the confidence and inspiration to move forward, Lukasiak says persistence is key.

“The most important thing is to get a draft completed,” she said. “Once you have something written, you can work to make it better, but you cannot improve upon something that does not exist. You must always believe in yourself and chase after your dreams.”

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