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Diving Deep Into Ocean Research With an Expert

Photo: Courtesy of Jakob Owens

Brett Loveman

Director of Communications, Advocacy Group, Mission Blue

Oceans are critical to the Earth’s ecosystem, and effective research allows us to understand how it works. We spoke to Brett Loveman, director of communications at advocacy group Mission Blue, about the best ways to communicate scientific finds to the public.

What are your best strategies for communicating science findings to a general audience?

We believe in the power of social media and storytelling. As such, we have grown an online following of nearly 1 million ocean lovers that are actively building their knowledge about the ocean and the issues that face it. Through knowledge comes caring and through caring comes action!

Considering how little we know about the ocean, how critical is research to our understanding of conservation? How much do we know?

Research is the bedrock upon which ocean policy decisions should be based, however, as a whole, we have invested far too little in ocean research over the past decades. We have more accurate maps of the surface of Mars than of our own ocean. It’s time to change our priorities for the sake of the planet and ourselves.

What advice do you have for future generations of scientists? Alternatively, how can a culture of awareness enabled by research lead us to a better future for life on Earth?

To the scientists, we would emphasize the importance of effectively communicating their findings to the public. Now, more than ever, we need science to guide the public discussion.

To learn more about how Mission Blue is using research to protect our oceans check out https://mission-blue.org/about/.

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