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How an HRCI Certification Can Help Distinguish Your Career

During 2020, the global pandemic not only affected our daily work lives, our families, and the way we interact; COVID-19 damaged the economy and employment outlook, and how education and learning evolved. 

HR practitioners job responsibilities pivoted overnight to formulate policy and procedure, and manage the workplace and the workforce. An HRCI designation has been shown to enhance HR careers and professional development, as well as the opportunity to belong to a distinguished global HR network.

Exam eligibility varies and is based on different levels of professional experience, competency, and specialization.

Similar to other professions, HR became pivotal to the workplace and critical in the operation of businesses and change management. To remain competitive, job seekers have to distinguish themselves in the marketplace. One way to do so is to earn one of HRCI’s eight certifications that are designed based on foundational, professional, and strategic competence levels.

Removing barriers

Earning an HRCI certification(s) is easier than ever. Candidates can prepare and become certified without leaving the comfort of their home or office. HRCI proactively introduced online testing and affordable learning products for all of its eight certification programs. As a result, HR professionals can prepare at their own comfort level, schedule online-proctored exams anytime from anywhere, and receive their exam outcome immediately afterward.

Once certified, certificants will receive a digital badge that not only displays their accomplishment, but offers access to a database of job opportunities and HR connections worldwide. Certified professionals have a three-year recertification requirement that is based on continuing education, and professional development and growth. 

As businesses continue to manage the challenges resulting from the pandemic, HR has taken center stage, managing a multitude of current and upcoming post-pandemic challenges, such as health and safety, layoffs, furloughs, remote work, concerns over returning to worksites, changing legislation, and outdated policies and technologies. 

Organizations and their HR departments must continue to evolve. Having an HRCI-certified professional as a member of your team can help create effective policies and nurture an engaging culture now and into the future of your organization.  

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