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How Educators Can Customize Their Digital Transformation

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It’s been a busy year of distance and hybrid learning, and education leaders are looking for ways to navigate their digital transformation — one that brings significant and long-lasting changes to culture and policy, workforce and professional development, and education technology roadmaps.

“Educational institutions clearly need to be prepared for whatever may be coming next,” says Marc Oswald, co-founder  and CEO of Open Assessment Technologies. “What they are discovering now are not just the problems or difficulties they faced during the pandemic, but they are also seeing the upside of a more digital approach because it opens the door to new ways of learning.”

Digital assessment solution

For over a decade, TAO by Open Assessment Technologies — the only digital assessment solution built on open standards — has been a trailblazer in their commitment to digital transformation, evolving with the needs of today’s learners to help support tomorrow’s leaders.

TAO is the standard for delivering assessment and learning excellence based on open technologies, serving a community of global users and helping education leaders collect meaningful data that connects learning to assessment. As a partner to institutions across the world, the TAO team has leveraged their years of expertise in digital transformation to help education leaders navigate the challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Supporting the learning experience

This digital transformation does not only include moving traditional assessment to online assessment. For example, there are also data questions, interoperability, and formatting issues to handle.

Tom Hoffmann, TAO’s director of Product Strategy & Solutions advises educators to think about the whole online education ecosystem and how all the pieces operate together.

“Interoperable systems support the teaching experience, the learning experience, and give administrators insight into what’s happening in their learning ecosystems,” he says.

TAO prides itself on being a partner in education.

“We pay a lot of attention to the overall data flow across the entire ecosystem, not just within our own application, but how it relates to the others,” says Oswald. “I think that that approach really is where you go from being a vendor or supplier to a partner, because you look at the full picture, and understand the customer’s broader needs. We can plan more innovative approaches to how they want to take their digital transformation.”

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