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Why You Should Pursue a Master’s in Education Technology

Dr. Elena Novak, associate professor at Kent State University, tells us about the benefits of an advanced degree in education technology.

Dr. Elena Novak

Associate Professor, Kent State University

How does earning a master’s degree in education technology benefit both educators and students?

Our master’s in educational technology is appropriate for anyone who is passionate about best practices for improving learning, teaching, and effective technology integration in educational and training settings. This includes teachers, designers, human resource specialists, and other professionals who wish to empower educators and learners.

How does a blended learning and teaching format enhance the education experience?

Online and blended education has become an important option in K-12 education, higher education, and other professional contexts, allowing students to reach beyond the classroom. It plays a crucial role in lifelong learning by improving accessibility, diffusion, and technological assistance, and in creating global online learning opportunities.

What area of education (math, science, English) is this kind of degree most applicable to?

The field of educational technology is content-independent and therefore applicable to any area of education. Our program focuses on effective technology integration in various contexts, including online and blended education, immersive learning technologies, management of educational technologies, nursing education, and workforce training.

What other career opportunities does a master’s in education technology open up?

Our graduates work in schools, community colleges, universities, the military, workforce training, and government agencies as teachers, technology coordinators, instructional designers, technology curriculum experts, online and blended specialists, educational technologists, multimedia and game developers, and training specialists.

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