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How Digital Education Platforms Meet Youth Where They Are

As youth have continued to pivot to the adaptation of new digital solutions following the pandemic, Boys & Girls Clubs work to bridge the digital divide, creating access to the internet, online resources, and learning for millions of kids and teens. 

Not only have Boys & Girls Club staff members broadened their education of technology resources and the pivotal role they serve for youth beyond the club’s walls, but it has also brought its digital platform, MyFuture, supported by Comcast NBCUniversal, to the forefront of this conversation for kids and teens. 

Boys & Girls Clubs of America is building tools to meet kids where they are, whether they’re at the club, at home, or riding the school bus. Plus, with 95 percent of kids having access to a smartphone, our programs are just a click away in the palm of their hand. 

Through MyFuture, kids and teens can learn to code, write lyrics, explore different career paths, and much more, all while building their digital citizenship, deepening real-life skills to succeed in school and the future workforce, expressing and engaging their creativity, and safely socializing. In the meantime, Boys & Girls Club members are also coached on how to make safe online choices, like how to stop cyberbullying in its tracks. 

Vital resource

Since the onset of the pandemic, the MyFuture platform has engaged over 120,000 more young people, making up for 66 percent of the platform’s entire current usership. Now offering key integrations, such as career exploration opportunities through RoadMap to Careers, and college preparation and planning resources like Diplomas to Degrees, kids and teens can also connect with friends and club staff, all while receiving recognition for the work they’re doing and investing in educational resources that support bright futures. 

To emphasize the importance of workforce readiness, the MyFuture careers page also provides tweens and teens the opportunity to explore different careers, develop their skills, and apply their knowledge to gain real-world opportunities. Interactive media help them learn from experts, while interactive planning tools highlight members’ dreams and aspirations to serve as inspiration for others.

Not only does this honor kids’ and teens’ efforts to learn, but these virtual experiences also help to spark excitement in new areas. DIY STEM, for instance, has been integrated into the digital platform through the support of Raytheon Technologies, providing virtual experiences that spark STEM career excitement and focus on highlighting diverse leaders with whom youth from similar backgrounds can relate and see themselves represented in the industry. 

As such, the platform meets kids and teens where they are digitally, while also paving the path for future opportunities. 

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