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5 Ways to Advocate for Better Technology in Schools

It should be no surprise that like most everything else these days, technology and education go hand-in-hand.

Teachers are harnessing technology to bring learning alive and deliver personalized instruction to students. Students are using technology to research subjects and connect with people and places around the world. Today’s employers are increasingly looking for workers with digital skills — even in industries that aren’t traditionally STEM-centric.

Integrating technology

Technology has also made it more convenient for families to be involved in their child’s education and to engage in regular communication with teachers and school staff. Email, social media, portals, and other tools are being used by schools, teachers, and families to deliver news and important updates; share calendars, assignments, and activities; and have real-time conversations.

Having access to technology is essential for students to develop the skills they need to be competitive and for families to actively engage in their child’s education. However, among schools and across districts there are great disparities in available technology.

Increasing access to technology in schools is critical to ensure all students have the opportunity for success — in the classroom and beyond. Investments must be made to make sure every school has the proper resources and support to help every child learn and succeed.

Ways to help

We must advocate at the federal, state, and local levels for robust and equitable investments in education and technology. Here are five ways to advocate:

  • Attend district and school board meetings and speak about the issue
  • Send emails and letters and make phone calls to decision-makers
  • Conduct meetings with decision-makers or their staff
  • Use social media to get your message out, garner support, and mobilize
  • Work with the media to help raise awareness and increase support

It is our duty to raise our voices for our own and every child to ensure they have access to technology as well as other opportunities that enable them to learn, grow, and thrive. Together, we can make every child’s potential a reality.

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