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Lisa Misraje recently graduated with both a Bachelor of Arts in Non-Governmental Organizations and Social Change and Master of Public Administration degrees from the University of Southern California.

She used Course Hero, an online learning platform, to help her get unstuck, practice, and understand her course material.

The platform’s resources include 25 million crowdsourced study documents from thousands of schools, such as notes, test prep, and study guides. Plus, they offer round-the-clock access to tutors and practice problems. 

Misraje, a single mom living off-campus, couldn’t join study groups. But Course Hero is available 24/7, 365.

“I knew that I could jump online at any time, day or night, and receive the support I needed to prepare for exams and write great papers,” she says.

Her favorite Course Hero study tool was notes from previous students who took the same class at USC.

“Course Hero empowers students by giving them examples and tools directly from their specific college and course along with examples from taken from other schools from around the globe,” says Misraje, who’s looking for a job in business development or fundraising.

At age 54 and a mother of six, she’s not a typical college student. Before earning her degrees, Misraje spent several years in China building orphanages and helping people in need. Now she’s giving back to other students by sharing her study tips.

“There is no reason for you to struggle alone,” she says, encouraging students to try Course Hero.

When she struggled in Economics 1 and 2, Course Hero saved the day.

“I began studying how previous students solved the portions I found difficult, which bolstered my understanding,” says Misraje. “Instead of walking into class afraid the professor would call on me, I began to participate more in class.”

More confident, I could relax and enjoy learning.”

Kristen Castillo, [email protected]

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