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Better Make Room for the Next Wave of Determined Students

Recently we caught up with generation Z actress Bailee Madison to talk about how she teamed up with Michelle Obama’s Better Make Room program to inspire students.

Tell us about Better Make Room and how you got involved with their college-planning initiative.

I was fortunate to begin my relationship with Mrs. Obama and Better Make Room in 2015 when they reached out to ask if I would be involved in their first PSA for the initiative. I was incredibly honored and humbled, and spent my 15th birthday filming the PSA. Later that month, I went to the White House to celebrate the launch and meet Mrs. Obama for the first time. I was so honored to be a small part of such an important initiative. I truly believe that with an educated mind, anything is possible.

What are some ways that you and the team at Better Make Room are spreading the word about the importance of applying to college?

Mrs. Obama has created so many incredible ways to spread awareness about the importance of college and encouraging people to take that next step in their education no matter what age they are, where they live or what society tells them. College Signing Day is a great example. I’ve been able to attend throughout the years, and it’s so inspiring to see thousands of people who have officially decided to take that step fill the arenas to celebrate. The team recently launched a new PSA made by Ciara, Keke Palmer, Camila Cabello, Nick Canon, Jesse Tyler, Kelly Rowland, Karlie Kloss, myself and others to encourage students to apply for college.

Given the amazing turnout of young voters recently, what are some hopes you have for Generation Z?

This generation is inspired to believe that we are limitless, we are capable and that we will do everything we can to raise our voice, reach higher and make the world a better and more accepting place. Now more than ever, young people are stepping up, holding their ground and not backing down.

What is some advice you’d give to students who aren’t sure how to decide on a college major or career path?

My biggest advice to those who aren’t sure about their next step is to know that you are not alone. I’m constantly questioning if I’m doing the right thing, if I’m doing enough or if I’m capable. The most important thing we can do is choose joy and choose passion. Dig down deep in your heart, speak to people that inspire you and set goals you believe in. If anyone tries to knock you down or tell you you can’t do something, take inspiration from the words of Mrs. Obama: “When they go low, we go high.”

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