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Mika Gabrielsson

Professor of International Business

Welcome to Kuopio, Finland, and our Master’s Degree Programme in International Business and Sales Management.

Business professionals who understand the phases of internationalization and the essence of modern sales work are needed in increasing numbers in international organizations and sales units. The combination of International Business and Sales Management is unique and provides an in-depth understanding of the global business environment and approaches to doing business and sales across borders.

– Our atmosphere is very international – we have students from all over the world, and the professors come from many different countries such as New Zealand, the US, Germany, the UK and Finland, says Professor of International Business Mika Gabrielsson

Internationally distinguished academics bring knowledge of current developments in business, and companies provide real life case projects to ensure that your education is also practical. A variety of teaching methods guarantees an interesting, challenging and motivating learning environment.

“Students are simply swept up by companies after they graduate”

Our unique program puts you on the path to becoming a valuable leader and sales professional. The competence gained opens up numerous career opportunities as an international business expert, consultant, sales manager and marketing generalist at national and global levels. Additionally, it provides tools to operate successfully in an academic field.

– Students are simply swept up by companies after they graduate. There are many good career opportunities, and as a valuable professional one can also expect good earning opportunities, Gabrielsson continues. 

The best education system in the world

Finland’s education system is regarded as one of the best in the world. For the nation’s own citizens, even higher education is free, but foreign students’ tuition fees are significantly less than those paid in other countries.

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