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Executive of Code Fellows Discusses the Benefits of Taking a Non-Traditional Path to Coding

Photo: Courtesy of Pankaj Patel

Mitchell Robertson, VP of Business Development and Growth at Code Fellows, discusses the benefits of attending a coding bootcamp. 

Mitchell Robertson

Vice President of Business Development and Growth, Code Fellows

How would you describe the teaching style at Code Fellows?

At Code Fellows, we believe tech careers should be opened to the full breadth of humanity. The future of tech will be shaped by the diversity in our world. It will be the people from all walks of life desiring to level up, the curious who have fallen in love with learning, and the problem solvers who see things that need to be changed and don’t give up until they’ve made an impact that will find rewarding careers in coding. At Code Fellows we seek to train individuals in the most advanced software development skills in order to build a better life, a better community, and a better world. Our passion for education is only outshone by our passion for providing access to it. We believe the immersive education model works when passionate instructors, teaching assistants, and support staff recognize education’s ability to change lives. In months—not years—someone can dramatically improve their career prospects and access to opportunities previously closed to them. We invest in strong partnerships and alliances with government agencies, private companies, and non-profits within your community to ensure our students have the best opportunities to make an impact in their new careers. Code Fellows has a strong commitment to quality. From your first interaction until your last you will feel the support, love and passion of our team to ensure your success.

What should potential students do before the coding bootcamp interview?

They should evaluate the school to determine what the learning environment is like and ensure it is the right fit for you. Then, prepare your life for your journey ahead. If you decide to join a school that provides an intensive experience of being completely immersed in the learning process, know that you will need to be fully committed to being transformed into a software developer.

What are the Top 3 Benefits of Coding Bootcamp?

You don’t need to spend four years to get a degree, and end with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt. You get fresh, real-world skills that track with market demand in an educational environment built by experienced developers. You will launch a career that’s collaborative and engages your creativity, where you will be well-compensated and have a wide-range of opportunities in upward career growth.

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