What encouraged you to continue your education?

Allison Fluett: I knew the only way I was really going to make technology an integral part of my teaching was to immerse myself in the expectation that I would continue to learn and grow in this area. When I realized the program I was 100% online I knew I would be able to do it. Having the flexibility to complete work on my own schedule was a convincing factor. Knowing I would be doing this work with other educators was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

Enrique Torrendell: My wife, my family, and my future legacy. I wanted to do work that I’m passionate about and set an example to others that it’s important to go after what you love.

Who would you recommend to get a certificate?

AF: I think this program is relevant to any teacher in the classroom. Technology is not going away and it is our responsibility to remain current and embrace these tools in ways that enhance our students' experiences.

Who would you recommend to enter a bootcamp program?

ET: People who are committed to changing their career or learning new skills. Learning to code is difficult and you need to do a lot more than just be a good programmer. You need to network, learn new skills on your own, and continue building who you are as a developer.

How has Stanford Continuing Studies positively impacted you?

Erin Chang: Stanford Continuing Studies helped me develop my passion for photography and led me to opportunities to practice professionally. I took these courses while working full time and met many inspiring photographers along the way who have helped me improve my own work.