STEM Education

TOPICS From unequal opportunity in school to girls who code to girls who game to astronauts on the silver screen, the importance and potential of STEM education is clear, but what we need to improve is accessibility. 

Bridging the STEM Attraction Gap (Infographic)

The poor access students have to engaging and relevant courses in science, technology, engineering and math in the U.S. is directly affecting their interest in STEM careers. Hands-on learning helps spark interest and bridges the STEM attraction gap.

5 Ways to Spark STEM Interest in Girls

The loss of interest and engagement in STEM programs and careers for girls is well documented. And while women make up half of the workforce, only 29 percent participate in STEM careers, with even lower numbers in computer science.

5 Reasons Students Should Learn to Code

Is coding the new literacy? Research by the Consortium for School Networking predicts coding will drive K-12 ed-tech adoption for at least the next two years. Why is it so critical for students to learn basic coding skills at a young age?

The Future of Women in STEM

America’s STEM workforce plays a crucial role in driving innovation, yet women are vastly underrepresented in STEM jobs and among STEM degree holders. What gives?

Is Your Child Learning in a STEM Desert?

Regardless of your children’s future, more and more education advocates believe they need firm foundations in math and science — and a group of advocates is developing a tool to let you know whether your student is learning in a STEM hotspot or a STEM desert.