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5 Reasons Students Should Learn to Code

Is coding the new literacy? Research by the Consortium for School Networking predicts coding will drive K-12 ed-tech adoption for at least the next two years. Why is it so critical for students to learn basic coding skills at a young age?

Is Your Child Learning in a STEM Desert?

Regardless of your children’s future, more and more education advocates believe they need firm foundations in math and science — and a group of advocates is developing a tool to let you know whether your student is learning in a STEM hotspot or a STEM desert.

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Ready to Blast Off as the First Woman on Mars? Coding May Help

In the 2015 movie “The Martian,” Captain Melissa Lewis and astronaut Beth Johanssen completed the near-impossible mission to rescue astronaut-biologist Mark Watney. A little known fact? They all held degrees in math and computer science, oceanography, geology and planetary sciences.