Hank Green

Host, SciShow

“Ninety-seven percent of students in America play video games, and video games can be the perfect opportunity to make STEM fundamentals more clear.”

Lori McFarling

Chief Marketing Officer & SVP, Partnerships, Discovery Education

“STEM has the potential to make the American workforce more collaborative, communicative, thoughtful and ultimately more productive. It will be a tremendous driver of our economy in the future.”

Colleen Walsh-Conklin

Professor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; Director, The Gaetz Aerospace Institute

“Research has shown that men and women approach problems differently. Working together results in better solutions reached faster.”

Stephanie J. Hull, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President & COO, The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

“STEM innovations often bring fiction to life unpredictably. Our workforce needs STEM habits of mind: always imagining, testing, solving. Preparing that kind of workforce is the real innovation.”

Michael Marder

Executive Director, UTeach Science Program

“The percentage of women getting bachelor's degrees in Computer Science dropped in the last decade from 28 to 18 percent. Let’s ask why half the U.S. feels unwelcome in a profession so critical for the nation’s future.”