What was your decision-making process in choosing to attend a virtual high school as opposed to traditional schooling?

Marie Tagbo: I had been homeschooled all of my life. I was turned off to traditional schooling because it has such a strict schedule. I also found myself wanting to have more structure than the typical homeschooling format, but not as much structure as traditional schooling. I wanted to surround myself with other intellectual students who loved learning and pushing themselves academically just as much as I did. I didn't have anywhere else to look.

Peyton: I was attracted to OHS because it combines high-level academics, provides the opportunity to be placed in classes based on ability and offers the chance to study and learn with like-minded peers.
How do you feel your experience will set you apart from other high school students?

MT: I have a small belief that going to school every day for 12 years will lead you straight into the arms of the nine to five life. I think human beings should be exposed to more, so they can chose what kind of career life they want. I believe that the non-traditional route will make me a non-traditional person.

P: Because of OHS’s accomplished instructors, OHS provides exposure beyond the scope of most physical schools. 
After your virtual high school experience, do you intend to take mostly online courses in college?

MT: I really don't intend to take online courses in college because Stanford Online High School is structured so similarly to college. College allows the same schedule flexibility provided in OHS. It also provides the same wide range of classes.

P: I believe my experience at OHS will transition smoothly into the physical environment of most universities.

Why would you recommend online high school programs for prospective students?

MT: A year ago I felt alienated from everyone around me. My first week at an OHS was one of the best weeks of my life. The classes had this electricity — so deeply interesting, about topics that I actually cared about and each related back to my life in some interesting way. The community sucked me in and became a big part of my life. If traditional school is not for you, or it’s time for a change, I really believe that an OHS program is a great option.

P: I would recommend OHS programs to prospective high school students who want to excel in a community of supportive peers and qualified instructors.