1. Italy

The famous “boot” is the most popular nation for aspiring study-abroad students, according to US News, which surveyed roughly 6,000 millennials for the 2016 Best Countries rankings. Aside from the art, incredible food and breathtaking architecture, most programs here require little to no Italian language study and offer a mix of Italian cultural studies and courses in a variety of majors.

Photo: Nicolò Di Giovanni

2. Spain

With more than two dozen universities, including the University of Barcelona, Spain is another top option, says GoAbroad.com. Each year, thousands of students head overseas to learn Spanish and take classes in international business and European studies. Historic festivals and scenic beaches are also a big draw.

Photo: Héctor Martínez

3. France

This land of wine and cheese also offers a blend of museums, fashion and culinary treasures. Aside from enjoying the offerings of Paris and the French Riviera, students can enroll in various programs offered in either French or English, although some prior French language study is highly recommended.

Photo: Sarah Neighbour

4. England

For students who’ve never traveled out of the country, England is an excellent choice since there's no language barrier. The UK is also rich in history and is home to some of the world's best schools, including the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge.

Note: Studying here can be pretty expensive, so students should look for programs beyond London.

Photo: Josh Wilburne

5. Germany

Famous Oktoberfest, its culture and world-class education, Germany is an ideal location for studying business, hard sciences and German. It’s also a popular place for academic internships, with headquarters of some of the world’s biggest, most innovative companies.

Photo: Aleksandar Nakic