With 70 million baby boomers retiring and only 42 million workers to replace them, the construction and manufacturing industries must actively develop strategies and processes to attract and keep great employees. We gathered a panel of industry insiders for insight into how data, new tech and a better pipeline open the door to a sustainable solution.

Idan Shoham

CTO and Co-Founder, Hitachi ID Systems

“Many products are now computerized as well, which can mean millions of shipped units with some CPU and network capability.”

Todd Skokan

CEO and President, BirdDogHR

“Companies that don’t deliver an environment that also values these advances will lose employees to companies that do.”

Mark Ward

General Manager, UL EHS Sustainability

“Manufacturing companies will need to ensure sustainability, human rights and green practices in their supply chains.”

Tom Bianculli

Chief Technology Officer, Zebra Technologies

“Gaining visibility across all aspects of the enterprise may involve massive system overhauls that are inherently risky.”

Himanshu Palsule

Chief Product and Technology Officer, Epicor Software Corporation

“To realize the full value of big data and IoT initiatives, manufacturers must contextualize data and integrate it into downstream process flows...”