It was the typical wanderlust story. Two young twenty-somethings head out west without a place to live or jobs, and decide to make a go of it.

Startup, pop-up

After a few years working odd jobs in the wake of the recession we had gleaned the experience we needed, and saved up just enough money to begin our next chapter as entrepreneurs.

It started with a wild idea to turn our passion project of creating quality handcrafted goods into our full-time business by creating a mobile workshop and pop-up store. Our goal was to have the freedom to travel and experience all that America has to offer while sharing our story and products with people from coast to coast.

" is a very tight space, and we’re forced to make sure everything we carry has a home and a purpose."

We planned for an entire year. Then, we found a dilapidated and unappreciated 1978 Airstream trailer and turned it into our mobile studio. We custom-renovated the entire interior ourselves to accommodate our sewing machines, screen printing supplies and everything else necessary to run our business on the road.

Ups and downs

There were and are challenges, as with anything worth doing. For one, it is a very tight space, and we’re forced to make sure everything we carry has a home and a purpose. Living on the road has its own obstacles—flat tires, wrong turns, long drives—and business is just better some days than others. Despite these difficulties, running our own business gives us free reign to create and explore and meet lots of amazing folks and work really hard at what we love doing.

Our leap into running our business from our home on wheels was a mix of planning and forethought, strong vision and, of course, hard work. But the most important thing is guts. You must be brave and realize that you’ll never be completely ready for anything, and every success or failure is just one step in a larger journey. There is no better time than now to make the decision to jump in. If you’re looking for someone to tell you yes, this is it.