Today’s abundance of mobile and work-from-home job opportunities is a dream come true for many. Still, it presents a new set of challenges and adaptations that can’t be ignored for anyone looking to see long-term success.

Mediaplanet: How have the trends in flexible work options grown in recent years? 

Constantine Anastasakis: The last five years have seen the rise of the millennial worker and the move of many services from offline to online. This has led to major shifts in not only the way people go about doing their jobs, but what those jobs are. It’s a big opportunity for workers to pursue their passions on their terms.

MP: What advice would you give an employee looking to request a more flexible schedule? 

"Running your own business provides flexibility and empowers people to grow as much as they want..."

CA: Today, flexibility and opportunity go hand in hand. The most important things remain the same from job to job; are you passionate about what you do and can you deliver high quality work? When people have that, flexibility becomes much easier.

MP: What are a few benefits of taking on freelance work? 

CA: Online marketplaces create demand and a market for many freelance services, leaving talented freelancers to use the majority of their time to deliver great work. Running your own business provides flexibility and empowers people to grow as much as they want while doing work that leaves them fulfilled at the end of the day.

MP: What benefits do you see in allowing employees to have more flexible options? 

CA: Using technology platforms, or tools that create flexibility, gives professionals freedom. When people feel motivated by the outcome, that flexibility translates into high quality work and a commitment to projects that doesn’t always happen within rigid schedules and physical buildings.