1. Snow White: Jealousy can be lethal


The evil Queen is stunningly beautiful, but that’s not enough to satisfy her. When her magic mirror declares Snow White “fairest of them all,” the Queen plots Snow White’s murder. Snow White survives, and the Queen is put to death—meaning she was literally killed by envy.

2. Beauty and the Beast: Don’t be greedy


When Beauty’s father goes on a journey, her brothers and sisters ask him to bring home expensive gifts, but Beauty requests only a rose. That rose leads Beauty to the Beast’s castle, where she ultimately finds true love.

3. Cinderella: Nice girls finish first


Sure, the glass slipper fits Cinderella’s tiny foot. But the only reason Cinderella went to the ball and met the Prince is because her goodness inspired her fairy godmother to help her.

4. Sleeping Beauty: Party planning is serious business


When the Princess Aurora is christened, the King and Queen forget to invite the evil fairy Maleficent, who gets her revenge by putting a curse on Aurora.

5. Thumbelina: Don’t settle

Disney / Via disney-boy.tumblr.com

Thumbelina is pressured to marry the Mole, but she isn’t feeling it. Instead of caving in, she flees from the wedding and ends up marrying her true love, Prince Cornelius.

6. Pinocchio: Honesty is the best policy


The bigger the lie, the longer his nose. But when the marionette Pinocchio proves he’s brave and truthful by rescuing Gepetto, he finally becomes a real boy.

7. The Little Mermaid: It takes a lot to be human


Even before she falls in love with her Prince, the mermaid Ariel dreams of becoming human—and she risks everything to make it happen.

8. Puss in Boots: Cats are verrry clever

DreamWorks Animation, Paramount Pictures

The classic fairy tale and the Disney movie tell very different stories, but there’s one thing they agree on: Puss in Boots has some serious tricks up his sleeve.

9. Rapunzel: It’s ok to let your hair down


When the evil Dame Gothel keeps Rapunzel locked in a tower, she drapes her long hair out the window so the Prince can climb it. They fall in love and—you guessed it—live happily ever after.