Barbara Holzapfel

General Manager, Microsoft Education

“Predictive analytics can recommend course-corrections and model the outcomes of interventions, which are especially powerful when students can explore their learning and achievement pathways themselves.”

Charles Eaton

CEO, Creating IT Futures

“Today’s teens were introduced to smartphones, tablets and laptops as entertainment gadgets. So educational tech should engage by amusing.”

Shelley Pasnik

Vice President, Education Development Center

“…parents and teachers can get in the habit of wondering aloud — asking who, what, where and why questions — and looking for answers together.”

Marty Lange, SVP

Chief Product & Operating Officer, McGraw-Hill Education School Group

“Education technology makes STEM instruction increasingly more engaging and rigorous for today’s learners.”

Donald E. Bossi

President, FIRST®

“Education technology serves as a critical tool to help students prepare for a future that is increasingly technology- and data-driven.”

Mark Elliott

CEO, Boxlight

“Allowing students to measure, see, and experience their world in a new way adds deeper understanding. It also engages students with STEM in ways that wouldn’t be possible without the technology.”