Progressing performance

Stressing that education is “an essential component of any effort to grow, improve, and redevelop the social and economic fabric of urban communities,” Earvin “Magic” Johnson announced last September that Magic Johnson Enterprises and EdisonLearning, a leading international educational services provider, would work together to advance effective and sustainable programs to educate America’s urban students and help turnaround underperforming public schools.

A family affair

While his skill on a basketball court propelled him into the stratosphere of sports super- stardom, Earvin never forgot the importance of education.“My parents were on top of us every day,” he recently said.Today,five of his six sisters are public school teachers and the sixth is an elementary school principal back in their home state of Michigan. “I am looking at all these educators in my family after my mom and my dad finished seventh or eighth grade.”

Partnering with EdisonLearning was a natural extension of his family’s focus on education and his passion to help urban communities. “We’re linking Earvin’s passion and leadership for improv- ing the quality of life in urban communities – with the expertise we have developed over the past 20 years helping to improve schools,” said Jeff Wahl, President and CEO of EdisonLearning. “Our focus is to provide effective educational options for students to help prepare them for the workforce and to become contributing members of their communities.”

Worldwide partnerships

As one of the first educational management organizations in the United States, EdisonLearning has evolved from solely working with charter schools. It is now an international provider of educational solutions, including school turnaround services, dropout prevention and recovery centers, charter school management, online high schools, and other online learning solutions. Currently, EdisonLearning has more than 300 school partnerships with 500,000 students in 24 states, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. Recently in Atlanta, the alliance announced that Magic Johnson Bridgescape Learning Centers will be part of Provost Academy Georgia (PAGA), a new statewide online high school.

Innovative solutions

The Magic Johnson Bridgescape Learning Centers at Provost Academy Georgia will provide supplementary onsite support from highly qualified teachers and paraprofessionals to eligible PAGA students. The innovative educational solution offers one of the most unique blended learning programs in the country – digital learning, combined with indi- vidual, face-to-face instruction, computers, internet access, and personalized lesson plans. “When nearly 1.2 million students drop out each year – averaging 7,000 every school day or one every 26 seconds – we need to ensure that no student falls through the cracks,” Johnson says.