Lisa Barnett

CEO, Atomic Learning

“Differentiated instruction can directly impact student outcomes as it tailors the educational experience to the needs of the students.”

Salvatore Patalano

CRO, Lenovo Software

“My money is on virtual learning that will offer effective and efficient education to anyone, anywhere.”

Johan Hägglund

CEO and Founder, DigiExam

“Students today are digital natives and very comfortable using technology—more comfortable than using pen and paper.”

Ken Spero

CEO, Ed Leadership SIMS

“Rather than getting caught up in what the technology can do, let’s focus on what technology should do.”

Kathy Walter

CEO, Nsoma

“I see technology starting to have more impact now on the administrative side, facilitating teacher learning and paperwork.”

Martin McKay

CTO and Founder, Texthelp

“Teachers will use augmented reality tools to allow students to look inside their own bodies to learn about physiology.”

Anthony Salcito

Vice President of Worldwide Education, Microsoft

“Increasingly intelligent, data-powered learning tools are helping make learning more personal and predictive. Data is no longer a four-letter word.”