Research shows that when children and their parents read together the amount of learning a child gains from a book increases. Reading with children also provides an opportunity to expose them to more complex words and stories than they would experience on their own. Research demonstrates that children who engage in frequent reading with their families tend to have a strong belief that reading is both important and enjoyable.

To help inspire children to read and improve their literacy skills, it is important for families to:

1. Spend 30 minutes each day reading together

Even if your child is more interested in reading on his or her own, sit together and read something side-by-side. Then, ask questions about what he or she is reading.

2. Make it fun

Reading shouldn’t be a chore; it should be an adventure. If your attitude reflects the joy you feel from getting lost in a book, it’s easier for your children to catch it too!

3. Look for books that interest your child and match their reading level

Book selection is a critical component. For young readers, find books with illustrations or photos that bring the text to life and provide context clues. For adolescents, find books about subjects that interest your child or introduce new experiences or opportunities.

4. Utilize free reading programs

Some feature fun activities and games families can play together to help children become better readers.

Reading together supports children’s success—in the classroom and beyond—and is a great way for families to share special moments and make memories. It’s never too soon or too late to read with your child!