Steven B. Frye, Ph.D.

President, Association for Adult and Continuing Education

“I think the biggest misconception about adult learners from the institutional side is that they can do it all on their own.”

Leah Jewell

Managing Director of Career Development and Employability, Pearson

“Schools and professors often think adult learners are in school for the same reasons younger students are there, but their goals may be much different.”

Frank F. Britt

CEO, Penn Foster

“Adults transitioning careers need better data-driven pathways based on local-level career labor data that allows them to pivot their existing skills.”

Barbara Karlin

Vice President of Academic Affairs, Golden Gate University

“Find the people who will be your cheerleaders because…you will need the people in your life to encourage you when you feel discouraged.”

Jamie Fall

Director, UpSkill America

“An employer has the power to be the reason a working adult succeeds at school or the reason they fail.”