Dr. Cheryl L. Ney

Dean, Charter College of Education, CSU Los Angeles

“College preparedness involves students demonstrating a willingness to actively engage in their learning.”

Kwok-Sze Wong, EdD

Executive Director, American School Counselor Association

“Schools should create a college-going culture in elementary school to introduce the concept that students need to start preparing early for life after high school graduation.”

Lisa Malat

Vice President and CMO, Barnes & Noble College

“Finding that right balance in and out of the classroom will put them on a pathway to get the most out of their college experience when they arrive on campus.”

Peter Mavrikis

Editorial Director, Barron’s Test Prep

“Academics and sports are fine, but they should not reflect the totality of your interests. Admissions officers are looking for students who will contribute to campus life…”

Jenny Rickard

Executive Director, The Common Application

“My advice to high school juniors beginning the college exploration process is to keep an open mind. Be willing to explore the unfamiliar.”