Manufacturers make life easier for everyone by producing goods and services used every day. Industrial distributors make life easier for manufacturers by supplying technical expertise, market knowledge and product solutions. Industrial distributors are an integral part of the manufacturing supply chain. They are an indispensable partner with manufacturers, stocking, managing, servicing and distributing the products and services manufacturers need to keep their businesses running efficiently.

Industrial distributors are hiring

A recent survey indicated only 15 percent of the population thought they knew about the field of industrial distribution. And yet, industrial distribution companies are in every community across North America.

An industrial distributor has likely touched every product or service you can think of. Serving as the backbone of support for manufacturers everywhere, industrial distributors are looking for young, bright talent with or without a college degree. Many employers are willing to train new employees with the right skill set. And they are hiring now.

“A recent survey indicated only 15 percent of the population thought they knew about the field of industrial distribution.”

Industrial distribution businesses have adapted to new technologies and constantly seek to advance the level of sophistication in logistics and supply chain; it’s a career choice that offers an interesting, flexible work environment every day. It’s also a business in need of employees for every discipline: accountants and bookkeepers, customer service representatives, inventory managers, warehouse workers, truck drivers and marketing experts.

A proactive workforce

Industrial distributors are seeking sales and service oriented individuals with knowledge and know-how to help manufacturers maintain and grow their operations. Some industrial distributors are industry-specific. Industrial distributors stock and sell everything from chemicals, building materials, power transmission equipment like motors, pumps, chain drives, belting for conveyors and other uses, HVAC parts, cleaning products and equipment, hoses and accessories to plumbing or electrical supplies and more.

Industrial distributors come in every shape and size. Some of these businesses are very small independents with a few employees operating in one location. Some are large publicly traded global conglomerates with branch operations across the globe. Some industrial distributors are in between with a few locations in a specific region. So, no matter what business size a job seeker is most comfortable with, there is sure to be a fit within the field.

Embracing diversity

More and more, women and minorities are finding industrial distribution a place to build a career to support a family while getting professional development leading to unlimited growth potential. Many positions enjoy great flexibility with scheduling. Industrial distributors know a diverse workforce is needed to better serve their diverse customer base.

I have spent 30 years working in the industrial manufacturing industry, both on the manufacturing side and for industrial distribution. I have worked and lived abroad in three foreign countries, traveled the world and continue to enjoyed a career in this industry because I know it is making a difference in the lives of people everywhere.

My goal now is to pave the way for the next generation of industrial distribution employees who have a passion for providing solutions, solving problems and a keen curiosity of how most of the products we use each and every day are made. I can personally attest to job satisfaction, unlimited growth and opportunities, earnings potential and intellectual stimulation from working in industrial distribution.