One way to provide that excellent customer experience is by making sure that contact center agents have the right technology on hand to do their jobs well. If they can, chances are that the customer experience will be measurably better.

Contact center agents are often the face of the organization. Whether they are selling or supporting customers, they have a huge impact on the customer experience. However, there is a huge gap between what agents need to do their jobs well, and the tools they usually have available to them.

Room for improvement

A recent survey of more than 400 contact centers found that 92 percent of respondents felt their agent facing technology could be more effective, while 74 percent acknowledged these tools prevent the agents from providing the best customer experience possible.

As consumers, we all know how frustrating the experience can be when a contact center agent on the other end of a phone doesn’t have the information or expertise they need to help resolve a situation.

Cloud power

A productive contact center can also have a tremendous positive impact on the success of a company in any industry, including manufacturing. Cloud-based contact center software is at the forefront of ensuring this experience; by providing:

  • Robust inbound contact center functionality

  • Security and reliability

  • An Intuitive user interface

  • Rich integration with CRM technologies

When a contact center and its agents have the right technology solutions at their disposal, those organizations can provide the best possible customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.