Why did you choose to go into nursing?

Hector Arocha: I had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the difference a nurse made to my family. This was the driving force for me becoming a nurse.

Troy Beekman: Nursing initially wasn’t on my radar. I tried other health care areas first, probably because all the nurses I knew or saw on TV were female. But after I checked into it, I found nursing to be the perfect fit. Now I love going to work.

Dr. Jordan Vance: I knew that God called me to do ministry. At the time I did not know exactly what that meant. The ministry that God called me to was nursing. In nursing, I get to not only serve the neediest of people, but I also get to provide them the physical hands and feet of Christ. After learning this, I knew that this is what God had called me to do. I am able serve God and serve people all within the same profession. 

Why do you think more men should be encouraged to enter the nursing field?

HA: Respect for men in nursing is increasing, and we should feel proud to embrace our caring side. It’s not an easy job, but it sure is a rewarding one.

TB: The patient population is diverse. The nursing population should be too. Every field benefits with a diversity of people and ideas.

JV: I think that for the longest time nursing was always seen as a “women’s job.” This understanding is changing and I believe now we beginning to see a time where the amount of men in nursing is higher than ever. I think just as there are different parts to the body that have a specific function, men are like this within nursing. Nursing is a field that is for everyone and men can play an important role in that field. I think more men should be encouraged to enter nursing because there is a place they can fit. There is a place they can provide healing and care to those who need it. I think the goal of providing care to individuals should surpass the understanding what is a male or female job, but instead should focus on how each individual can live out their full calling. We do have a place in this very important health care role.

JV: I hope to see nursing continue to grow and develop into a field that is on the forefront of research and practice. Nurses are now in every aspect of patient care. This can be at the bedside, case management, as a provider or even as an anesthetist. I hope to see that nursing begins to play out more research in patient care and be on the forefront for change in patient care trends. I hope to see this starting at the bedside with those who are directly working in patient care. Continued education, growth and deliverance of high-quality effective care is what I hope to see for the future of nursing. 

What are your hopes for the future of the nursing field?

HA: One of my many hopes is that this profession continues to diversify. Men are part of this change.

TB: Nursing is about using critical thinking, advanced education, clinical skill and compassion to improve health and well-being. I hope people understand nursing isn’t a gender thing. It’s a human thing.

What advice do you have for a male who is interested in pursuing a career in nursing?

HA: Go for it! But do your research first. Find out as much as you can about this field.

TB: Go for it! You’ll love nursing. Nursing can take you anywhere you want to go, and you really will make a difference.

JV: Any male who is interested in nursing I would tell them to just get involved. If they have the passion to care for individuals and be a health care provider then jump in headfirst, they will not be disappointed. There is a place for you in this ever-changing and growing field. There needs to more representation of us within the field of nursing and it will be one of the best decision you will make for your future.