Mobile devices are the preferred method of communication for many consumers, with 91 percent of adults now owning a cell phone. Technologies that allow people to easily target and communicate through mobile, such as text messaging, are the new norm in customer engagement.

There are voice and text platforms that allow people to engage with their target audiences, however, and they are seeing many mobile use cases in these sectors—from teachers communicating with parents to politicians targeting their voter bases.

Here is how you can best take advantage of mobile marketing offerings in these industries.


Back-to-school is here and it’s the ideal time to start thinking about different ways to improve communication between schools and parents, clubs, groups and their members. With the use of SMS, schools can send updates that notify students and parents about registration, start times, bus schedules and upcoming events.

"Mobile marketing is changing the way many sectors communicate with their audiences."

Send real-time urgent alerts including emergency school closures, student illnesses and cancellations of activities. Teachers can use text messaging for an easy way to share homework help, deadline reminders and testing alerts. SMS also enables schools to send mass fundraising messages to parents, alumni and supporters.


Campaign season is in full swing and we’re seeing a wide swath of candidates turn to mobile as a way to communicate with constituents. SMS short codes give voters an easy way to opt-in to notifications and updates from their favorite candidate. Candidates can use both voice broadcast and SMS messaging to send out fundraising requests or use mobile to poll constituents on policy issues.

These solutions allow politicians to save valuable time and money while reaching a large amount of their voter base, at once. In turn, voters to stay up-to-date with the latest campaign information.

Mobile marketing is changing the way many sectors communicate with their audiences. Entertainment, finance, fitness, healthcare, real estate, retail and many more industries are turning to these technologies to provide effective and efficient communication solutions.